Roosevelt Mosley, Jr., FCAS, MAAA, CSPA

Roosevelt brings a skill set that includes predictive analytics applications for all insurance functions, ratemaking and product development, strategic reviews, competitive analysis and litigation support. He assists companies in applying predictive analytics to private passenger auto, homeowners and commercial lines rating, underwriting and product development. He also applies predictive analytics to develop claim applications, including predicting large loss development, estimating claim settlement values and detecting fraudulent claims. Roosevelt provides actuarial support for several companies, including rate indication development, rate filing and regulatory support and monitoring of program experience. Also, he assists insurance companies, industry trade groups, regulators and legislators with issues related to potential bias in insurance ratemaking, marketing, claims and underwriting processes, including testifying before regulators and legislators.

Roosevelt performs extensive competitive analysis to evaluate insurer competitive position and develop rating plans for new states and lines of business. In addition, he performs external peer reviews of insurance companies’ internal model development processes and provides recommendations for improving the modeling process and the resulting rating plans. Roosevelt also conducts reviews of company strategy to ensure operations and analytics are aligned with the strategic direction.

He has worked with several industry groups to evaluate the impact of proposed insurance legislation on claim costs and future rates, including PIP reforms in Florida and Michigan. He also provides and supports expert testimony on personal and commercial insurance matters including auto, homeowners and products liability. Roosevelt is the current president-elect of the CAS, has served as vice president of marketing and communications and on the board of directors of CAS, and as a member of the board of directors of the International Association of Black Actuaries Foundation. He has also served on the board of trustees of the Actuarial Foundation.