Guy Fraker

Guy has dedicated 15 years of his career to world class innovation practices, as well as the events, markets, and technologies making the greatest impact on risk and risk management.

Guy’s distinct advisory work specializes in:

  • Opportunity discovery and solution development resulting in significant growth (expense savings + new revenues) On an aggregated basis, Guy’s innovation clients have generated new capital in excess of $8B;
  • Helping client entities face goals, problems, & circumstances deemed “intractable”, “unthinkable”, “unimaginable”, that become imminent and real. Practice includes: creating new markets, answering the questions of “can it be done?” & “should we do it?”; Pandemic simulations and recovery models; U.S. Middle East Relations; Climate & Resiliency; P&C Market Restoration.

Guy serves State & Federal Legislators & Regulators, foreign governments, startups and established firms on the discovery, development, and deployment of exponential solutions. Guy’s experiences include working with premier global innovators such as IDEO, Global Business Network, X -Prize Foundation, Google-X, Innosight, and Singularity University. Past clients in the public sector include State Legislators, U.S. Dept of Treasury, French Cabinet, New Zealand’s Cabinet, U.S. Dept Ag (U.S.AID).

As an innovation architect, Guy’s risk-centered clients have generated new capital by successfully inventing and launching new solutions, revenue streams, and cutting insurance product development times from months to weeks. Guy was also engaged as a subject matter expert by AM Best in the development of the Innovation Rating Criteria announced in 2019, and Demotech ratings agency throughout 2021-2022.

Beginning in May 2020, Guy continues to support the restoration of Florida’s collapsed residential P&C market. This work has included engagements with insurers, reinsurers, insurance investors, ratings agencies, members of Florida’s Senate, Florida Cabinet, Lobbyist and business press.  Outputs include material contributions to multiple legislative reforms as well as published reports.