Mike Rosciam, CPA.CITP, CISA

Since 1995, Michael has been providing assurance and accounting services. A graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, he has experience in insurance, not-for-profit entities, technology companies, and local and state governments.

Michael has been the Accounting Technology Manager for over ten years at THF. He possess both accounting and IT knowledge with a background that includes information technology auditing and a broad set of skills that have facilitated his understanding of organizational complexities. He has extensive experience identifying risk, designing and testing information system controls for audits of financial reporting, as well as auditing various aspects of information technology. He has been responsible for planning and supervising engagements covering all facets of auditing, IT security and auditing, data analytics, risk management, SAS70/SOC reporting, and financial audit support. This understanding has enabled him to contribute significantly to bridging the gap between business and technology in companies. In addition, he has extensive experience in computer assisted audit techniques (CAAT/IDEA) and Access to provide assistance in database management in the accounting and audit areas.

In addition, Michael has five years of experience with a national corporation.  During that time, he performed analysis of monthly financial statements and preparation of state income tax returns.