Claude W. Mueller, C.P.C.U.

Claude Mueller, C.P.C.U., an Insurance Regulatory Consultant at Colodny Fass, was a former regulator with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, where he served as Director of Property and Casualty Financial Oversight.

Mr. Mueller, a non-attorney with nearly three decades of insurance industry experience, specializes in regulatory compliance, statutory insurance accounting, insurance company operations and related legislative advocacy.

At the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, Mr. Mueller’s 55-member bureau was responsible for on-site insurer financial examinations, licensure application review and desk audit analysis of insurer financial statements and other required filings.

He was frequently called upon to represent Florida’s Insurance Commissioner at meetings of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and worked closely with Florida’s Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

At Colodny Fass, he has handled a wide variety of regulatory and related legislative matters, including:

  • Organization and licensing of insurance holding companies, life and health, property and casualty, workers’ compensation insurers, and agencies
  • Demutualization and conversion of reciprocal insurers
  • Acquisition and disposition of insurers and insurance agencies
  • NAIC annual and quarterly statement preparation
  • Insurance holding company systems filings
  • Licensing of insurers in non-domiciliary states and obtaining surplus lines eligibility
  • Representation of insurers, HMOs and agents before insurance departments in multiple states with respect to solvency filings, rate and forms filings, financial and market conduct examinations, and various disputes
  • Review of reinsurance contracts and obtaining insurance department approval
  • Depopulations from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation